We build teams

Dedicated recruitment support for a defined duration.

Talent acceleration

We bring our fast-growth recruitment model in-house for venture-backed startups in aggressive growth mode. Our model is a cost-effective solution that includes a monthly fee and a reduced placement bonus. We build your teams so you can focus on building your business.

We work with companies at Seed, Series A, Series B and Series C stages. Our speciality is recruiting the core management team and leadership for venture backed startups that recently closed a round of funding. We are relentless in our pursuit of extraordinary talent. We have earned a reputation for performance, delivery and tenacity.

We are industry experts in talent acceleration for the startup environment with experience in FinTech, InsurTech, AdTech, MarTech, HealthTech, CleanTech, Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing and D2C.




Accelerate your career with us

We are in your corner. We are your talent advisor as you assess where you are in your career.  We are your career advocate as you move toward your next opportunity. We help you navigate the competitive job landscape, so you can better manage your career.

Our talent accelerators address the pain points of a candidate that wants to explore an opportunity with a startup. We evaluate the longevity of a startup, determine if it is an “intelligent risk” or not and understand compensation packages - specifically the complexity of options and equity.

We partner with startups at early-stage funding rounds, build teams from 10 to 50 employees and stay engaged with our clients until every role has been filled. This allows us to know about jobs with fast-growth companies before they are posted. 
Our network of venture capital funds, investors, founders, board members and C-level executives keeps us ahead of the startup deal flow. As a first degree Linkedin connection to the ITA team you will be the first to receive new job posting notifications.



Team Philosophy

IANULY Talent Accelerators’ experienced team consistently makes quality placements for venture-backed fast growth technology startups.. Our team is enabled to make placements at all levels and for all job functions. We are more than a liaison between your company and a candidate; we’re an extension of your company. We leverage our extensive network and database to find the best candidates while offering significant HR and talent acquisition aid through each step of the hiring process.  We’ve used our model repeatedly to great success. We’ll do the same for you.

Laura Ianuly | Founder & CEO

Founder Laura Ianuly brings 20+ years of HR experience. Laura began her career as the Global Head of HR at DoubleClick. Today she continues to advise on recruitment strategy, headcount management, interview best practices, team structure, culture fit and offer process.

Laura’s specialty is recruiting the core management team and initial waves of employees for start-ups that have received first- and second-round funding. Throughout her career she has maintained connections with clients and collaborators, cultivating a network rich with potential candidates. What makes Laura unique is her ability to support both recruitment and HR through all aspects of the hiring process: Job descriptions / compensation packages / stock option offers / job offer letters / culture fit / and more.

Theo Ianuly | COO

Theo Ianuly is a global marketing industry executive. He brings all the adventure and experience that that history entails: management skills and creative adaptation based on building brand, creative development and multidimensional team management, multi-platform and cross platform campaign development, creative strategy and production experience in traditional and new media, partnered sponsorships and business development.

Today he leverages his strong operational capabilities, business development and marketing experience to help scale IANULY Talent Accelerators.


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